Post Vaser Lipo Recovery

So one of the very important questions I’m always asked, but forms part of every consultation is: What does the post Vaser Lipo recovery look like? As a general rule every potential patient is advised that it will be necessary to take a week off from work, school, and most social activities. After the surgical

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In The Operating Theatre

Our Operating Theatre is fully accredited and registered with the Department of Health. In a continuation of an educational series we will be producing a series of videos demonstrating different aspects of cosmetic surgery. The first video in this series is now available on Youtube. Watch Here This video is two hours of liposuction compressed

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Your Surgical Day

What does the surgical day look like for someone undertaking Vaser Liposuction with Definity Clinic. Normally you begin the day having fasted from the night before. You arrive early and are checked into our private hospital in the VCI facility in Melbourne. After some discussion and preparation we will take some pre-operative photos of the

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Renuvion Jplasma

Game changing skin tightening. Liposuction works to remove or reduce or to re-contour disproportionate areas of fat deposit. One of the very important considerations is, what happens to the skin? Much of the benefit of liposuction can be improved if the overlying skin can be tightened. Whilst the Vaser liposuction methodology used at Definity Clinic

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Expansion Vibration Lipofilling

EVL Expansion Vibration Lipofilling

Expansion Vibration Lipofilling – EVL The safety of the BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift or simply Fat Transfer to the Buttocks has been called into question recently. Past surgical practice had seen fat grafted into muscle both from a graft survival perspective and also a volume limitation barrier. Inadvertent fat injection into a major blood

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What is Vaser Lipo?

So what exactly is Vaser Lipo? At Definity we provide Vaser liposuction services. Why Vaser? We’re of the view that it’s a difference you’ll notice. Fat cells live in a 3 dimensional collagen matrix in a layer between the skin and the muscles. The matrix has its own blood supply. Large matrix bands bridge between

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