Brazilian Butt Lift



Brazilian Butt Lift

How does a Brazilian butt lift work?

Excess fat is extracted from parts of the body and transferred via Expansion Vibration Lipofilling, to the buttock area. The fat is often taken from areas like the lower back and love handles.

Am I a good candidate for a BBL?

You have to be in good medical health to be considered a good candidate for any kind of plastic surgery. If you have any heart conditions, lung conditions or neurological disorders, you may not be a good candidate for a BBL.

Does gaining weight matter before the procedure?

Weight maintenance is important after the procedure. It may be beneficial to be a small amount over your ideal weight before the surgery.

Is the procedure safe?

As with all procedures there is always a small risk of complications. We will advise you clearly about what those risks are and ensure you are confident that you have all necessary information for making informed decisions.

Does the BBL procedure leave scarring?

Minimising scarring is always a priority. Many incisions can be hidden in crease around the buttocks area. Results will vary according to each individual’s circumstances and will be influenced by factors such as age, skin elasticity and weight.

Will BBL results last?

The body re-absorbs some elements however the process of moving fat is long lasting

What can I expect during the recovery process?

There will be period of time that you will need to modify your sitting. The process can be aided by sitting on nursing style pillows and other medical assisted chairs. You will receive all the necessary advice prior to committing to the procedure.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?

The answer varies from patient to patient. It is common to be back at work within a week of the procedure.

What next?

Take some time to put together some questions and when you’re ready CONTACT US to arrange your no obligation consultation.

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