Expansion Vibration Lipofilling

EVL Expansion Vibration Lipofilling

Expansion Vibration Lipofilling – EVL

The safety of the BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift or simply Fat Transfer to the Buttocks has been called into question recently. Past surgical practice had seen fat grafted into muscle both from a graft survival perspective and also a volume limitation barrier. Inadvertent fat injection into a major blood vessel was a very serious complication. Here at Definity Clinic we stay at the forefront of surgical advancements.

Expansion Vibration Lipofilling is an advanced technique that allows space for the fat graft to be made in the subcutaneous tissue. This is where the fat naturally lives and this is where the fat should be grafted. Volume and shape can be customised with this technique. Fat is harvested via a Vaser liposuction procedure. The fat is processed in preparation for grafting, and the fat grafting is accomplished using a specialised vibrating basket cannula.

The end result is a safer surgery and more beautiful buttocks. The above before and after picture demonstrates a recent amazing result and very happy patient.


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