Post Vaser Lipo Recovery

So one of the very important questions I’m always asked, but forms part of every consultation is: What does the post Vaser Lipo recovery look like?

As a general rule every potential patient is advised that it will be necessary to take a week off from work, school, and most social activities. After the surgical day we have you return to clinic the following day to check on how you are feeling. The surgical area and wounds can be checked. The next review is on day 4 where again your observations are taken but you also receive your first Manual Lymphatic Massage. This helps the healing by encouraging any fluid to move out of the surgical area. On day 7 this is repeated again and it is also the day that all of the sutures are removed.

On the day of surgery you will be required to wear a compression garment. This is a very important part of the healing process and essential to a good outcome. You will be required to wear the compression garment for 6 weeks. 3 weeks full time and 3 weeks part time. From the day of surgery you are encouraged to move around and be active. This activity can progress as the week goes by. After the first week most people return to most normal activities, with the exception of very strenuous manual work or gym.

Most of the swelling and bruising is expected to have settled by the end of 3 weeks, however full final results take about three months to see. There are regular reviews during this time, with each review you are closely monitored to evaluate how the healing process is progressing.

One of the most exciting things to see is the new shape begin to reveal as the swelling settles, and the skin tightens onto the new you. It is important to monitor this progress and manage any complications. One potential complication is seroma. This is a collection of fluid that persists. It is easily managed with simple needle drainage. The other complication to monitor is fibrosis. Occasionally there may be areas of firmness or tethering felt under the skin. This again is easily managed with a process of scar modulation.

Aftercare is important.

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