Renuvion Jplasma

Game changing skin tightening. Liposuction works to remove or reduce or to re-contour disproportionate areas of fat deposit. One of the very important considerations is, what happens to the skin? Much of the benefit of liposuction can be improved if the overlying skin can be tightened. Whilst the Vaser liposuction methodology used at Definity Clinic does facilitate a significant degree of skin tightening, the new Jplasma device from Renuvion takes it to a whole new level.

Under the skin, the fat cells are held in place and supported via a connective tissue collagen mesh-work, called the fibroseptal network. The FSN for short remains behind after the fat cells have been removed during the Vaser liposuction. The Jplasma device uses radio-frequency energy in a helium gas to create a plasma arc. The arc reaches out much like those novelty plasma globes, and causes a very rapid heating and cooling of the FSN.

There is both an immediate and sustained contraction of the FSN which all results in tighter skin. At Definity Clinic we offer advanced cosmetic services. The Jplasma device will be a very valuable addition to achieving outstanding patient results.


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